(aka “The art of my amazing friends”)

One of the best parts of any long-running RPG with creative people is seeing the artifacts and art they produce for it. Sadly, for players whose creativity didn’t express itself visually (such as the great Eddy W., who wrote original songs for Zhosh the bard) I don’t have records. But the players who drew produced some wonderful pieces.

The adventurers explore a dungeon, early in their careers – by Konstantin
Ring of Spell Storage – by Liz
Nammu Thousand-Eyes – by Konstantin
Potion of Invisibility (from the holiday gifts) – by Jay
Nisaba, Sethep & Thorn over the mountains of Canaan – by Konstantin
Nisaba & Thorn – by Liz
Rezmir, the Black Queen – by Konstantin
The Priestess of Tiamat – by Konstantin

There’s lots more like this. I’ll post more soon!