More drawings by players in our D&D campaign. There were many more than this, but these are a few of the best.

Left to Right: Sethep, Gemekala, Kali, Karsa, Leroy & Vasculus. By Konstantin
Zhosh the bard cuckolds Aras. By Konstantin
Ring of Protection – by Liz
The lizardfolk fight the golems of the Tower of Babel. By Konstantin
Ji-Yun, the gnoll (actually a brass dragon) – by Adam
The Hand of Amenhotep – by Jay
Kali the dragonborn paladin – by Konstantin
Nabonidus (also a dragonborn paladin) vs. the cultists – by Konstantin
Gemekala in the Red King’s dreamworld – by Jay
Vasculus the lizardman monk – by Konstantin
Nisaba saves Thorn from the hyenas – by Konstantin
Arsh Ga’ari – by Konstantin

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