I’m back! This was a fun page to work on after the overload of the city on page 6. Actually, while drawing this page, I realized that the problem with page 6 — and to a lesser extent, this page — is that it’s actually too detailed beyond the point of visibility. I have the urge to show so much stuff happening, to pan the camera out so far, that it risks turning the page into “an inky black hole”, to quote Berke Breathed. I vow to learn a lesson from this going forward.

This page, like the previous one, actually needs a bit of work and toning… but I’m pretty happy with it. The ship was originally based partially on a Venetian galley, but it quickly turned into a purely fantastical ship, partially because I couldn’t imagine drawing this scene without drawing billowing sails, and galleys are the least sail-equipped ships there are. Why galleys, Lovecraft? Why not galleons? I know you loved the Roman period, but come on! So I ended up drawing a sort of bizarre galeass or galliot, flying towards Serannian perched on its cumulonimbus.

UPDATE 8/17: I’m working now on the new page (pages 8-9), but I won’t be able to upload it until Thursday. Sorry everyone! On the other hand, it’s turned into a double page, so that’s why it’s taking so long! Please check back late Thursday night or Friday morning!