I made something new for D&D! Well, it’s actually a short part of a larger collaborative project: a one-page dungeon for Encounters in the Radiant Citadel, a D&D 5e encounter/adventure anthology.

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel is one of the cooler D&D5e books of the last few years, and I was honored to be invited to contribute something to this DMsguild book, helmed by Lyla Fujiwara and featuring short encounters by many different folks. My own contribution is titled “The Radiant River” and is a dungeoncrawl. Here’s a bit of my notes for the piece:

Underneath the Radiant Citadel, unbeknownst to many, a network of underground streams cuts through the heart of the Auroral Diamond. These magical waters carve through the indestructible Diamond as easily through soft clay, occasionally intersecting with the exterior. Sometimes the water is clear; other times it is topaz yellow, amethyst purple, moonstone blue or emerald green.

The tunnels resemble limestone caverns, but crystal. Green serpentine and prasiolite, clear or rose quartz, blue chalcedony and blue-green chrysophrase are common. A sparkling silt of tiny crystals makes “sand”. The River is filled with shimmering light, which enables plants to grow here like those found in wetlands: ferns, moss, horsetails, and occasionally mangroves. Small fish, snails and crayfish are common. Most of the river is shallow (1-4 feet deep) and wadeable, but there are periodic waterfalls and rapids, and sections periodically flood.

This, plus nine other adventures for $4.95. Go check it out now!