One of my series of Cthulhu sketches, I was asked to draw “Cthulhu in the background, rising above R’lyeh.” Hmm… perhaps I could’ve done it differently. Incidentally, I’m always bothered by the idea that Cthulhu’s form is so anthropomorphic (including the perennially annoying “four-legged creature with wings growing out of the shoulders” thing). Here I tried to mutate him/her/it by giving it eyes running down its back, like a caterpillar (or, indeed, like how certain caterpillars would look, if they truly had real eyes on their back, instead of just spots to frighten birds). The idea of a Cthulhu with front-back symmetry is intriguing; maybe his back is EVEN SCARIER THAN THE FRONT. But, I didn’t quite go all the way, and there is also the question of the wings, which here look like mere accessories (perhaps sensory organs?).

In case you’re interested, I’ve got another article up on Crunchyroll, where I delve into the Cthulhu Mythos references in episodes 2-3 of Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos! Also, there’s a new page of The Deadliest P.R. Guy in the World over at King of RPGs!