This drawing was inspired by the description of Cthulhu as “miles-high.” Recently I read W.G. Marshall’s apocalyptic sci-fi novel Enormity, and I enjoyed its imaginative descriptions of the damage wrought by a mile-high living being, even if, as in the case in “Enormity”, it’s only a normal person blown up to 1000x scale, with no special powers apart from the cohesiveness to not immediately fall apart into goo from its own weight. What planet-shattering atrocity could a mile-high Cthulhu wreak?!?! Of course, the “miles-high” epithet is the ravings of a madman, so perhaps Cthulhu’s just PSYCHICALLY mile-high; certainly, he/she/it seems to be no bigger than, say, King Kong when the unlucky sailors actually encounter Cthulhu in the third act of the story. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the wimpy creature which the sailors encountered was merely one of Cthulhu’s star-spawn, and the REAL Cthulhu, the BIG Cthulhu, was still waiting down in those vaults.

This is the last week that I have to skip The Doom That Came to Sarnath; the comic will return to its regular update schedule next Tuesday, June 19. Meanwhile, how about a new page of The Deadliest P.R. Guy in the World?