I’ve been busy behind the scenes but at long last, news!! Firstly, I have a new piece on the Wizards of the Coast site (it’ll be up in a few hours; I’ll update the link when it’s available).

Secondly, I drew the cover to the Couscous Collective anthology MONSTERS (see above image). This was a really fun piece to draw. Lovecraft fans will recognize night-gaunts on the left side of the picture; the whole piece was actually inspired by the Lovecraftian/Dunsanian tabletop RPG I’m working on, DREAMLAND. One of the ideas of the setting is that most animals are just as arcane, deep down, as conventional mythical monsters: the humble cat, bat and bird have secrets and powers as strange as the dragon or the hippogriff. (After all, in “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath,” cats end up being one of the major forces in the story.) The alliances and intrigues of the beasts is one of the wild cards in the ever-shifting world of Dreamland.

In other news, I’m having a sale on Walkthrough Map Prints: from now until December 5, my collection of 7 D&D classic adventures as walkthrough maps is $25 off! Get a set for your RPG-loving friends and help me clear out my warehouse! I’ve got to make room for more *new* D&D adventure maps, which is actually the very next thing I’ll be drawing right after I make this post…