My cup runneth over with artwork! It’s a really busy month. I’m currently working on:

* several awesome but very time-consuming freelance assignments
* a new website (well, actually, a friend is designing it, but I’m digging up art assets)
* a 16-page comic for Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond Gay and Straight (go help Kickstart it!)
* a card game
* preparing for the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon next weekend (April 27-28)! I hope you can make it!

Hopefully sometime in the middle of all that I’ll get a chance to read Gary Myers’ The Country of the Worm, his collection of Dreamlands short stories, which I bought on Kindle the other day. I can’t wait! But now, tonight, I’m tired, so I’m off to sleep as soundly as if a sharp-angled bit of limestone just stove in my head.