This is the second page of my drawn-in-four-days adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Cats of Ulthar (created for the Couscous Collective “Kitties” anthology)!

For this adaptation, I had to retroactively recreate my image of Ulthar from the “Dream-Quest” graphic novel, which I drew over 10 years earlier. Unfortunately, I’d lost track of most of the books and sources I used for references that time. Fortunately, the buildings were basically modeled on late-Medieval Germanic, Dutch & British townhouses, so there wasn’t anything too specific or complicated, and I mostly started from scratch with a Dutch Late Medieval theme (with a bit of Roman thrown in, though it’s hard to notice). This story took place 200 years before “Dream-Quest,” so if time means anything in the Dreamlands, perhaps the buildings have changed a bit.

With regard to the mysterious old couple, I wondered why “much as the owners of cats hated these odd folk, they feared them more…”

NEXT UPDATE: Thursday!