The moment of truth approaches….

There’s only three pages of “Sarnath” left, so it should be done before the New Year. In other news, I’ve recently joined Crunchyroll Comics, a just-launched comics site run by the people behind the popular anime, J-pop and K-pop streaming site. So far, I’ve only put up “The White Ship”, but I plan to put more of my short stories up there soon. The really cool feature is that you can view the comics in “Guided View” mode, a la Comixology, as a stream of individual panels rather than full pages. I think it’s pretty cool, so please go check it out. (You can go into “guided mode” by clicking the little gear-icon in the lower right corner of the pages.)

Next year, in January, I’ll be unleashing my NEW Lovecraft project, a collaboration with one of my favorite comic makers. I’ll post the link here when it’s ready, so please look forward to it! Till then, here’s some corporate team-building art (sort of) drawn by my wife and I. And if you’re into D&D, check out my new five-page sequence for D&D Lair Assault, The Keep on 16th & Valencia: Kill the Wizard!

NEXT UPDATE: December 11!