I was hypnotized once, but it didn’t work very well. Meanwhile, it’s 7:21 AM in Seattle, I’m more or less conscious, and I’m working on my comic for the Sleep of Reason horror anthology Kickstarter!

Speaking of Kickstarter, my friend Karen Luk interviewed me, Shaenon Garrity and herself about Kickstarter on the Couscous Collective Blog

In RPG news… I’ve got a new Dungeons & Dragons map up at Wizards of the Coast, Module A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity! This is one of the four A-series adventures recently re-released as a fat hardcover book along with a new AD&D adventure — yes, Wizards actually hired someone to write a new adventure for the original ’80s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ruleset! MAYHEM. Hope you like the map!