Happy Fourth of July! Since I missed Monday, I’m uploading a page on Thursday. Sadly, considering it’s July 4th, this looks like the only gray, overcast day this entire week. But on the bright side, The Double Shadow just uploaded the second half of Clark Ashton Smith’s The Seven Geases! Listen to me, Ruth, Phil and Tim talk about Tsathogghua, Haon-Dor, Abhoth and countless other monstrous alien entities! I love this story!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about zombies lately, going over zombie books and films. If you didn’t see it, yesterday I wrote up a World War Z movie review. Of course, zombies have become cliche, but with the success of “Walking Dead” and the new movie it seems like they’ll be around for quite a while longer. One zombie-related comic I’ve really been enjoying recently is Kengo Hazekura’s manga I Am a Hero (a thousand times better than the other, better-known zombie manga, the dumb, exploitative “Highschool of the Dead”).