Trying to solve Netflix’s growing lack of streaming movies (although they certainly rule for TV shows), I rented a bunch of zombie movies from Scarecrow Video, Seattle’s awesomest video store. This week I’m checking out:

* REC (the acclaimed Spanish movie that, plotwise, seems like a more serious shakycam remake of Lamberto Bava’s “Demons”)
* Colin (the ultra-low-budget British “zombie movie from a zombie’s perspective”… I’m curious whether I like it anywhere near as much as the film “Dead Creatures”, one of my favorite zombie movies)
* Zombieland (the big-budget running-zombies horror-comedy… I had zero interest in this when it came out, but what the heck.)
* Biozombie (like Zombieland, I wasn’t particularly interested in this back in 1998, since I generally don’t like horror-comedies… though I love ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, and ‘Deadalive’ for that matter, just for its earnestness. But now it’s a semi-classic, and I feel I ought to see it.)

I feel all these movies have enough popularity to be considered seminal zombie movies, but frankly, there’s been SO MANY zombie films of questionable quality released in the last 10 years (post-28-Days-Later) that going to the video store and grabbing a random one is like sticking my hand in the garbage disposal. I want to wallow in this genre, but where do I draw the line? How do I find the good ones? What zombie (or weird-infection/collective-madness) movies or books would YOU recommend I see/read? I want to know!