I rented a ton more zombie movies from the library as part of my micro-zombie-marathon. (That is, it’s a micro-marathon, I’m not watching movies about micro-zombies. Although… then they could crawl through dog doors and sneak into your house and bite you…) Next up are “The Dead” (2010 zombie movie filmed in Africa… I pray to God it won’t be as idiotic as the last horror movie set in Africa I watched, “Primeval”), “Undead” (zombies in Australia this time), “Wendigo” (not really zombies, but I love the wendigo) and John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness.” I watched “Prince of Darkness” way back when I was 19 and interning at a TV studio, but I watched the edited-for-TV-version that they had sitting in the studio vaults, so I imagine it’s a lot grosser in the filmed version. And hopefully better.

I’ll leave you for the weekend with this page and a link to the Masters of Horror intro theme.