It’s going to be a busy weekend: I’m exhibiting and doing panels at Kumoricon! In case you missed it, here’s my panel & gaming schedule which I posted on Wednesday.


The Secret History of Manga in America: 1946-2013
Sat 3:00pm – Sat 4:00pm – Live Events (Discovery A/B – Hilton)
Ever since 1946 when Osamu Tezuka drew his first published manga Shin Takarajima, inspired by Disney Donald Duck comics, manga and American comics have been interlinked. Join us on a bizarre multimedia adventure through the history of manga adaptation/translation and general Japanese pop culture in America, from the first licensed translations in the ’70s and ’80s to the 2000′s boom years of Tokyopop, Raijin Comics and more! Featuring ninjas, furries, giant monsters, and Japanese hippies!

Mangaka!: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics
Sat 8:30pm – Sat 10:30pm – Workshop (Discovery E/D – Hilton)
Join the struggle for manga supremacy! Combine Pictionary, Telestrations, Bakuman, and Dominion and you get Mangaka, a fast-paced new storytelling game where every round involves drawing cards and drawing comics. Follow Trends, avoid Impairments (like Blindness and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), and compete with your fellow players to tell the greatest comic stories, even if you can’t even draw a stick figure! Pens, paper and cards provided. (I’m also running Mangaka games on Sunday and Monday.)

D&D Next: Tomb of Horrors
Sat 11:00pm – Sun 2:00am – Workshop (Discovery E/D – Hilton)
The deadliest Dungeons & Dragons adventure ever made! I DM the classic dungeon crawl updated for the newest edition of the D&D rules, plus a few twists of the knife. In the tomb of the wizard Acererak, mere death is one of the least of the terrors that await unwary adventurers… pre-generated characters provided, easy to jump into even if you’ve never played D&D before. Warning: Kumoricon and the DM are not liable if your character dies horribly.


Manga Hell: The Worst Manga Ever Translated
Sun 1:30pm – Sun 2:30pm – Live Events (Discovery A/B – Hilton)
From the nine circles of Hell to my bookshelf to Kumoricon… it’s a panel on the absolute worst manga ever translated! If you’ve enjoyed my “House of 1000 Manga” columns on Anime News Network, this is your chance to see the flip side of reading too much manga. Come to jeer at the convicts on their way to execution, or alternately, get up in my business and try to argue that “Ugly Duckling’s Love Revolution” is a masterpiece of Japanese literature. (And that one’s not even in the bottom 10!) It’s an action-packed panel of loathing and, yes, appreciation of the lamest manga ever. I might even talk about some good manga while I’m at it.

The Scariest Manga Ever Made
Sun 10:00pm – Sun 11:00pm – Panel 1 (Discovery C – Hilton)
(Age 18+ only—hand stamp required—see Programming Booth)
Horror manga are some of the most frightening, bizarre, and of course, grossest stories ever drawn in black and white. From zombies (fast or slow, your choice!) to serial killers to traditional Japanese yokai, join us as we count down through artists like Kazuo Umezu, Junji Ito, Katsuhisa Kigitsu and dozens of others to find the darkest, most disturbing manga. Warning: There will be pictures.

Mangaka!! The Second Game!
Sun 11:30pm – Mon 1:30am – Workshop (Discovery E/D – Hilton)
Another chance to play Mangaka!! Come by, check it out, and draw some comics! Pens, paper, cards and Trends provided.


Mangaka!! The Third Game!
Mon 1:00pm – Mon 3:00pm – Workshop (Discovery E/D – Hilton)
The final chance to play Mangaka at Kumoricon! Draw the Greatest Comics on Earth… or Die Trying!! Try out the upcoming game and test your quick-draw skills, cleverness and ruthlessness.