At the time that I was drawing “The Stiff” in 2003-2005, my work schedule was as follows: I would work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Viz. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as most of Sunday, I would stay home and draw.

Initially, I storyboarded and pencilled large stretches of the comic in advance; the entirety of chapter 2, that you’re now reading, for instance. I inked the pages one by one as I came to them, usually uploading them in the nick of time. Later, though, I’d occasionally fall behind and end up penciling and inking the entire page in one day. I’d do multiple versions of several pages — rarely a full page, but often full pencils or an inked panel here and there — and discard the unwanted versions. I think of each chapter as a unit, so I’d also go back and revise bits of a chapter after it was finished. However, nothing beats working in advance and making everything perfect when it goes out, rather than fixing it later. I don’t want to end up like Kazushi Hagiwara redrawing “Bastard!!”, after all.