I’ve recovered enough from my surgery that I’m able to walk around the neighborhood and do stuff, although I missed Ryan Andersen’s RPG night last night. (Sob…) When not working on a new D&D map, I’ve been catching up on the last season of Doctor Who — my favorite superhero series! I have to admit I prefer Russell T Davies’ episodes to Steven Moffat’s though. If I could make one wish (about Doctor Who), I’d wish Steven Moffat would just CUT IT OUT WITH THE SPOOKY CHILDREN. It worked in “The Empty Child”, but do you have to have spooky children in, like, EVERY EPISODE OF THE SERIES? This is a horror trope I’ve never gotten into, perhaps because I don’t have kids — and I henceforward vow that even if I do someday have kids, I will NEVER become a fan of spooky children. SO LAME. (end rant)

Everyone knows that adults are a thousand times scarier than children, anyway.