Happy New Year!! We were out till 4am, first at Cafe Mox with the amazing Jen and Heath and Hugo, and then at another friend’s house. At Cafe played a game I really liked, “Dixit,” a sort of surrealistic image free-association game. I’d never seen it before but I really loved it.

Our other host of the evening, Vince, is also a big tabletop nerd, bless ‘im, and he and I both really wanted to play some games with the New Year’s group, but unfortunately the gamer/non-gamer ratio was too low to reach critical mass. But I felt a lot of sympathy for him as he kept trying to sell his guests on “Avalon” or “Citadels”; our ideas of the perfect party have a lot of overlap. So it wasn’t quite as nerdy a New Year’s as it could have been, but it was still pretty awesome.