I recently saw the movies “The Dead Outside” and “The Battery”, and I have to say — I’m tired of zero-budget zombie indie films. “The Battery” was especially awful, just endless padded-out scenes of two losers driving around the backroads listening to music and doing nothing — I appreciate that they gave the characters some depth but seriously, what a boring drag of a film. “The Dead Outside” had a great cover, which is the main reason I watched it, but I should’ve detected from the overall lack of reviews that it was one of those things no one cared enough to talk about — which is basically how I feel about it too. Again, it managed to muster up a bit of a character drama, but it was just. SO. SLOW.

Essentially, when I seek out a movie with zombies in it, I want to watch a horror film. I don’t want to watch character studies masquerading as horror films, especially when they’re such stretched-out, thin-soup studies. It’s possible to tell interesting character studies while also having some terror or action. I recognize that this isn’t a requirement of drama, but if you want to appeal to horror fans, it is.

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