Happy March 21st, everyone! Here’s what’s going on with me:

* On March 28-30 I’ll be exhibiting at EMERALD CITY COMIC-CON! Please come by and say hello! I’ll be in booth GG-07 in Artist’s Alley, and I’ll have all my usual stuff, PLUS the just-reprinted Dreamlands Map and some The Stiff phone skins!
* Speaking of phone skins, I just got the phone skins printed for the Map of Zombies backers! I’ll be sending them out really soon.
* I’ve been working the last two weeks (slowly, sigh) on something really cool which will hopefully be finished and online before too long.
* Also, more cool projects I can’t announce yet. Imagine them! Use your fevered imagination!
* I’m working in my spare time on my diceless RPG based on Lovecraft, Dunsany and Italo Calvino, “Dreamland.” If you’re in Seattle and want to try it out, send me a tweet!