At the time you read this, I’ll probably be thousands of feet up in the air, off on a trip to Jordan! There’s much more to write, but it’s 4 AM and I’m super-tired. I’ll try to tweet and post more photos from this trip than usual. I’ll be posting “The Stiff” twice weekly while I’m gone.

There’s one other bit of news for Dungeons & Dragons fans: I’m selling my original art of 4 of the D&D adventures I drew as Walkthrough Maps! The currently available maps are:

* Tomb of Horrors
* White Plume Mountain
* Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
* The Isle of Dread

These are all 12″x18″ Bristol board pages, the same size as my pages for Dream-Quest. They look a bit grayish in the photos due to the lighting, but in reality they’re all a nice white/eggshell-ish color. Furthermore, if you buy one, I’ll do a sketch of your adventuring party as Mock Men, according to your description of their class, gear, clothes, race, gender, distinguishing scars, etc!

Incidentally, I’ve gotten several requests to turn the full-color final D&D maps into posters, and I can only say… please wait a little longer. I, too, think it’s a cool idea. In the meantime, if you’d like the actual original pages, with all my fingerprints and eraser-smudges, and all the little bits & monsters that were covered up by text captions, they’re for sale! And I’d love to draw your D&D party too, so now’s your chance. ;)