So after a long gap in listening, I’ve gotten back into the “Nerd Poker” podcast. Frankly, that podcast has always torn me in half as a D&D rules nerd: the players and DM are SO oblivious of the rules and SO house-ruling everything that I just want to be the most obnoxious dork in the world and write in on their forums saying “”WHY!! WHY would you ever think spell casting time is in rounds, not segments??” or “WHY!! WHY are you going back to 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons??” But they’re just so damn good. They’re funny (they are professional comedians, after all), and Sark, the DM, is great, always keeping the players (and us) wondering what the hell is going on, always teasing out the mystery and weirdness and cliffhanging.When I think of some of the dismal 4th edition D&D podcasts I listened to a few years ago, where people just rattled off numbers and statistics and “he hits, you take XX damage”, I want to weep a tear of gratitude for the existence of actually good RPG podcasts. (“Nerd Poker” and, really.)

Plus, I enjoy the fact that recently they fought a 90-foot monster that was half crocodile, half cobra.

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