After a brief interlude where I couldn’t find my Wacom and Cintiq pens, here’s the next page of “The Stiff”! (Well, it was drawn years ago of course, but I don’t have a mouse, so I couldn’t operate my desktop computer to upload the page without my pens.)

With this chapter, I began using 10″x15″ original art instead of the 11″x16.5″ originals I had been using for chapters 1-4. For comparison, “Dream-Quest” was drawn with 11″x16.5″ originals, and some of my other comics, like “The Cats of Ulthar” and “The Beast in the Cave”, were drawn even smaller than 10″x15″. It’s not particularly notable on this page, but I think drawing smaller was helpful for my compositions, the extra bleed area on the edges (since I drew on 12″x18″ paper in both cases) allowing me to do more bleeds and more dynamic compositions.

(Of course, since I ended up doing more bleeds, that meant that whenever there were bleeds I really was drawing almost as large as before, thus eliminating any time-saving benefits. Hmm… maybe I should rethink this…)

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!