Still getting reacquainted with San Francisco. We went to the Folsom Street Fair this weekend, which I hadn’t been to since around 2003. I was surprised (well, maybe not too surprised) to find that what had once been an almost mellow event — a few cordoned-off blocks of half-empty streets with leather daddies ambling around inspecting strops and gas masks, a drag queen cage dancer being watched only semi-eagerly by 20 or 30 people — was now a HUGE mega-street-party with thousands of people, old and young (all 18+, of course), strutting around in their slickest fetish gear and dancing at actually-crowded street dance venues. Other things that jumped out at me: the predictably lame corporate-sponsored brand-name liquor booths, the IMHO actually cool Gay/Trans Christian booths, and the fact that it was really hard to walk a dog in such mayhem, so we had to pick her up and carry her. (But of course everyone reacted with joy to see the dog, her Cute Privilege is so strong.) I didn’t have a dog 11 years ago, so maybe it was me who changed??

But like at Burning Man last month, the main thing I took away from it was…. beer before 5 PM?!? How do these people do it??? O_o I guess I’ll always be a lightweight.

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!