Amazing news! Last week io9 ran an article about my D&D adventure prints. Also, I just finished a new D&D-themed illustration (not a map), which I’ll hopefully be able to link to soon.

The other day I went over to Borderlands Books (probably San Francisco’s best bookstore, and certainly its best if not onlky science fiction/fantasy/horror bookstore) and bought Ramsey Campbell’s “Creatures of the Pool.” I love Campbell’s writing, but I’ve fallen behind in the last few years, so I have about three of his novels to catch up on. My next pleasure book purchase is probably going to be the new D&D Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual at Gamescape. My overall impression of the new D&D is very good, and while I signed up for the playtest and downloaded two or three different versions of the 2012-2013 rules, I’m looking forward to giving the final printed edition a long read-over and play-over. I actually have an idea for a homebrew class I’ve been working on for awhile, so when I have a spare couple of hours to polish it up and finish it, maybe I’ll inflict it upon the Internet…

In the meantime, here’s more of “The Stiff”!

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!