Our biggest domestic problem right now is our Comcast internet, which is terrible. I never realized how lucky I was in Seattle to get decent Internet service, unlike here in San Francisco where I was waiting and twiddling my thumbs waiting for the page to load just to get to this screen. Worst of all, even though our Comcast service came with HBO…. WE CAN’T EVEN GET FAST ENOUGH INTERNET TO WATCH GAME OF THRONES!! Let alone “True Detective” with all those Thomas Ligotti references/rip-offs that I’ve heard so much about it! It’s truly a pain. I hope it’s able to let me upload today’s page without leaving me hanging for ten minutes. (In other words: First World Problems)

In other news:
* I’m super honored that io9 included “The Stiff” among their list of Horror Webcomics to Terrify You This Halloween! Go check out the whole list, there’s a ton of amazing and disturbing stories in all sorts of different styles.
* I have a new strip up at Wizards of the Coast, the next in my dragon series, showcasing the Blue Dragon! No, not the one from the Akira Toriyama videogame and pervy Takeshi Obata manga.

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!