Recently I read the Trail of Cthulhu supplement Dreamhounds of Paris and I really love it. It reminds me very faintly of a Paris-based “Call of Cthulhu” adventure I was working on in college, which is probably one reason I’m so taken by it, although Robin Laws, Ken Hite and Steve Dempsey far surpassed my juvenile efforts. (My juvenile adventure was more of a typical Mythos science fiction thing which just happened to include some Paris poets and artists around the edges, too, whereas “Dreamhounds” is all about the Surrealists, all the time!) This makes two Trail of Cthulhu adventures I’ve bought and read now, even though I’ve never read the actual rules of the game; that game has some good adventures. I’ll probably write a longer review later, but in short, it’s one of the greatest Dreamlands things anyone has done since Lovecraft.

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