I just got a new desktop computer!! It’s a new iMac, and I’m still figuring out how everything is different. The retina display is so crisp, the 864-pixel width of these “Stiff” pages, which once seemed so big, now seems rather small. My pixel-defined digital pages are now shrinking to almost the size of a printed page (whatever that even means anymore) as computer screen resolution catches up with the eye.

Anyway, as a result of the upgrade I missed Monday’s update, so here’s Wednesday’s comic! In other news, personal and otherwise… we had the 2nd session of our D&D campaign which went pretty well (though I’m worried one of the players didn’t have such a good time, since his character was sniped by an archer and he missed several combat rounds bleeding to death… at least he survived and got to blast someone before he dropped, though). I’m also confirmed to be attending Sakuracon and Emerald City Comic Con in March-April: more news about that later!