I’m on vacation right now, so I probably won’t see this page go online ’till I get back. I took a break between Chapters 5 and 6 of The Stiff (not as big a break as I took from 2007 to 2015, of course -_-;;) so the art and some other aspects of the story changed a bit. I think it holds together, though.

Spoiler if you read this: I’m currently working on my two followups to The Map of Zombies, The Map of Robotic Threats and The Map of Alien Invasions! I went into these topics ambitiously, and now I’m sorting through more than 100 years of robot & alien stories and movies with all the decisions this involves (i.e. what REALLY constitutes an alien ‘invasion’, anyway…? And what REALLY makes a robot ‘threatening’…?) Compared to zombies where I tried to list literally everything (except for those which I obviously couldn’t bear seeing every time I looked at the map, like “Nudist Colony of the Dead”), the vast amount of stories in these genres makes it much more necessary to make editorial decisions about what to include and what not to include. Thankfully, at least, in the past 10 years zombie movies have outnumbered movies about aliens and robots, because it’s much cheaper to film some actors in pasty white makeup than to design decent-looking aliens and robots… whew!

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!