I’m sitting here typing this as my lovely wife also types on her laptop (work-related stuff) beside me. It’s been a busy couple of days. Over the weekend I put the finishing touches on my story for Northwest Press’ anthology “Anything That Loves,” something which wouldn’t have been possible without the two-person coloring job by my wife and by the excellent “Serpent in the Belly” colorist Vanessa Gillings, who colored about 2/3rds of the comic. Maybe we’ll get to work together on a new project. The wheel doesn’t stop, though, and now I’m working on a new set of D&D strips — I just finished the roughs — and a bunch of other things.

Today’s comic is another page of “The Stiff”, my comic I drew from 2001-2006. It’s interesting comparing it to my December 14, 2012 sketch on the bottom of the page and seeing how I’ve changed and how I haven’t. I’m currently going through my old notebooks and files and preparing “The Stiff”‘s resurrection/continuation.

Seattle’s weather is crazily inconsistent lately, which… well. It’s endearing. It’s Seattle.