Today’s sketch is another ‘zombie’ portrait drawn for an awesome backer of the Map of Zombies Kickstarter! The backer requested to be drawn as one of Lovecraft’s ghouls, rather than a zombie, and of course I was more than happy to go with it — particularly since I’d already included Lovecraft’s ghouls on the zombie map buried up in the top right corner under various semi-infectious bestial cannibal things. (I guess it’s very questionable in “Pickman’s Model” whether ghouls are really ‘infectious’ or whether the only people who become ghouls are those who have some preexisting ghoulish blood… but in Robert Barbour Johnson’s excellent semi-Lovecraftian story Far Below the question is settled.) Actually, I would never have thought of including ghouls on the zombie map, except that another ‘zombie encyclopedia’ type of thing (a book, not a map) listed them as “New England Ghouls,” so I figured if they could get away with it, I could.

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, I’m gonna be at Go Play Northwest tonight and this weekend! See you there!