The Stiff: Chapter 5: Page 179

The Stiff: Chapter 5: Page 179

We’ve been living in our San Francisco apartment — our fingers-crossed temporary place while we look for a better home — for a little over a week now. There’s a huge topographic wall map showing the world and the relative heights of every piece of land which somehow really makes me want to read Stephen Baxter’s disaster novel Flood. Our dog, June, is depressed from the small size of the place and not having a yard to run around in, and she spends most of the day in bed except when I’m taking her on walks.

There’s problems, there’s hassles, but basically, it’s nice to be back in San Francisco. And tonight I’m going to sit in on a Levantine Arabic class at Pacific Arabic Resources. I hope we’ll be here (or at least in the Bay Area) for awhile.



  1. Night-Gaunt says:

    These last two installments show a fine sense of mood. Could be ominous, could just be relaxed. A matter of lighting each panel.