This is the almost final version of the first page of “Celephais.” It will be 11 or 12 pages. The page was almost a week late (ALMOST!), but on the upside, I’ve already done some work on the subsequent pages so they won’t be quite as delayed. I need to fiddle around with this one some more and add some more dark spaces and values, but I wanted to just get it out there for now (and scan it before I heedlessly spilled a jar of ink on it or something) and keep working and come back and polish it up later.

Although I know I committed to doing Celephais once a week, and I should have a new page this week, I have to warn everybody: I’m also entering a really busy period getting ready for volume 2 of King of RPGs and I may not be able to make a regular Tuesday update schedule as I planned. However, I’m very happy to be working on a new story and I don’t foresee any major craziness causing a massive “Strange High House” style delay. On that hopefully positive note, see you in a few days!

NEXT UPDATE: Probably before Friday