I actually drew this awhile ago but I don’t think I’ve posted it — if anyone finds it in the archive where I couldn’t, let me know! Here’s another depiction of Cthulhu rising from the sea in all his feeler-covered, tendrilly glory. After drawing this piece I realized it was uncomfortably close to one of the drawings in the 1970s fanzine “HPL” which I have praised on other occasions, so that’s why I didn’t post it earlier. But with that caveat and apology, I think it’s okay on a technical level, so — look! Another one of the many aspects of Cthulhu!!

In other news, I was interviewed by Tim Young at the podcast Deconstructing Comics! Go listen to it! The interview is mostly about The Stiff, although I also talk a little about my new tabletop game project and about manga, about which I wax rhapsodic for ~15 minutes. It’s an interesting and very wide-ranging comics podcast, and if you go through the archives you’ll find all sorts of famous and not-so-famous-but-deserving artists discussing their craft (Jess Pink was one that immediately stood out).

If you’re in Seattle or the general Pacific Northwest this weekend, be alerted, I’m going to be at Emerald City Comic Con!! I’ll be at booth S-08 in the Artist’s Alley area, showing off some new stuff — some VERY new stuff. I’ll also be running games in the gaming area. For more information, here’s my schedule, as well as information about my new project, MANGAKA: THE FAST & FURIOUS GAME OF DRAWING COMICS!