The mixture of human and inhuman features is always disturbing, which is one reason “The Shadow over Innsmouth” is such a good HP Lovecraft story. Incidentally, although the theme of the story is race, and the whole thing could be read as a fever-dream of racism, from another perspective it’s also one of Lovecraft’s *least* racist stories, since the narrator explicitly says that the people of Innsmouth don’t resemble Africans, Asians or any one of the other real-world races that Lovecraft was so prejudiced against.

I’m sick as a dog today (an especially unpleasant metaphor from a Lovecraftian perspective), but trying to get some drawing done. Tomorrow I’m going to go see the sci-fi/horror (?) movie “Branded,” about which I can say no more than one of the youtube commenters on the trailer: “Please don’t suck.” I love “They Live” and “The Stuff” and those other anti-commercialist sci-fi/horror movies of the ’80s, so maybe “Branded” will be in the same general vein?

In other news, my friend Christian Lindke, in association with cartoonist Jody Lindke and that noted Cthulhuvian Kenneth Hite, is working on a new Kickstarter project: Cthulhu Claus Greeting Cards! Yes, now you can horrify your relatives, friends and coworkers with beatifically blasphemous holiday greeting cards featuring the likenesses of the Great Old Ones. Please go over to Kickstarter right now and check ’em out!

UPDATE: “Branded” was truly terrible and boring, much stupider than the trailer makes it look. Don’t see it. I can’t escape the feeling that if I confronted the filmmakers on the fact that it was deceptively marketed as a sci-fi/horror movie (when in fact it’s a tedious, ineptly structured magical-realist drama about a repentant ad exec), they’d just laugh and say “Ha ha ha! Of course our movie about deceptive marketing was deceptively marketed! That’s all part of the joke!” Then, of course, I would kick them in the balls.