At long last, a new page of The Doom That Came to Sarnath! As usual I’ve been tinkering with this page a bit in Photoshop, but I think it’s ready to show.

I’m really sorry that this page has taken so long to post. No, seriously, I’m REALLY sorry: the truth is, I was in the middle of uploading this page two weeks ago, on August 17, when my computer suffered a massive and fatal crash and I lost all the data from the scan. I took my computer to the Mac store and later to a useless data recovery service, only to discover that the hard drive was totally unsalvageable and I had lost several months’ worth of data. This was, of course, totally my own fault for not keeping proper backups, due to problems with my Time Machine drive that I had shelved in the “take care of sometime later” category. In the end, I had to restore all my data from an old backup, in the process losing all my scans of The Doom That Came to Sarnath (although I still have the original artwork), my assorted Lovecraftian sketches from 2012, and the biggest loss of all, my color Map of the Dreamlands. The only copies of the map that still exist in any format are the physical ones I printed up, so when they’re gone, they’re gone! Although it was bad, I have to admit it could have been much worse; I still have all of the Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath interior artwork & comic pages, for instance. And I can rescan & re-polish Sarnath. I’ve never lost data from a crash before, so if this is what it takes to make me set up a system of redundant data backups, that’s just the way it is. In fact, the whole thing has given me an idea for a new project (no, it’s not a story about computer crashes), which hopefully will be finished before too long.

Anyway, enough whinin’! I’m back with a working computer after two weeks without one, and I’m ready to resume Sarnath as well as a couple of new projects! In the meantime, I’ll give you a one-word hint as to my next Lovecraft comic adaptation: mew.