This is it, the ending of “The Beast in the Cave”! Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to make some small fixes and I’ve been busy the whole week working on my story for “Anything That Loves.” I wrote this story for my friends’ anthology Beards, so this was by far the most appropriate Lovecraft story for the theme. (Though, what is that mycelium-like hair/tentacle stuff growing all over Wilbur Whateley’s brother?) I should also mention that at one point in “Dream-Quest” Randolph Carter is described as having a beard (due to his travels and lack of razors), but I TOTALLY IGNORED THIS for my comic adaptation. Yes, I de-bearded “Dream-Quest.” The clean-shaven Lovecraft would have exonerated me.

A quick list of what I’m working on lately:

* My story for Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond Gay and Straight. It’s 16 pages long, it’s called “Spartans,” and I’m finishing it up this weekend, with colors by Jay. The Kickstarter has ended, but I strongly recommend you either wait for it to come out, or pester Northwest Press, and get a copy of this book somehow. I have a few pages left to ink, and then the coloring.
* A 16-page story for The Sleep of Reason, a horror anthology edited by Spike Trotman. Spike (who, like me, used to draw comics for the defunct site Girlamatic) is the creator of the webcomic Templar, AZ and also wrote the Stumptown Award-winning “Poorcraft” and edited the likewise award-winning art/sex-comics anthology “Smut Peddler”. I hung out with her a bit at Stumptown last weekend and I’m going to work hard to make a comic worthy of being in her new anthology. The thumbnails are done, but I haven’t started penciling yet.
* My Dungeons & Dragons Walkthrough Maps for Wizards of the Coast. These are so fun to do. Stay tuned for more maps this summer!
* Later this year I hope to use this site to relaunch & finish my old high-school/psychological horror/relationships comic, “The Stiff.”
* And of course my card game, “Mangaka”.

With all this, it’s been hectic but I’ll have some more art up for you next week! And hopefully some more things to announce.

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!