Welcome to my next big comic on mockman.com (though I’ll be doing other short ones here and on other sites TBA): “The Stiff,” a horror story.

“The Stiff” is my longest comic so far, currently at 248 pages. That’s about 1/4 of the final page count. To make a long story short, it first appeared in 2003 on girlamatic.com, a webcomics collective site. I started drawing it way back in 2000, however, making it older than anything else on this site (but not as old as my “Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” adaptation — however, “Dream-Quest” has more mock men in it, so it was easier to draw). Since it’s old, some of the early art is fairly grotty, but please hang around: it gets better. If you already read it when it was running on girlamatic.com, I hope you’ll forgive the gradual rollout (2 or 3 pages a week) as I draw more pages.