Finally! I’m sorry that this post was late; I got nothin’ but excuses, such as the fact that we just adopted a DOG, a Wire-Haired Dachshund/Terrier mix. (Adopting a dog… how un-Lovecraftian!) I’ve been working on some new comics of all different kinds, which I’ll hopefully be able to debut here (or at least link to from here) before too long. In the meantime, the opulence of Sarnath beckons. This page could use a little more polish, but for now, I hope it at least gets the mood across.

My most recent discovery, internet-wise, is Creepy Pasta, a site devoted to short horror stories written by random people from around the Internet. (The site *does* have some editorial shepherding; the really bad stories are put on a separate site, ‘Crappy Pasta’.) I’ve only read a few stories, which are of varying quality, but it’s very cool to discover the site since, although I’ve read my share of fanfic of course, I’ve never before seen a social site for non-derivative fan-made horror fiction. It evidently attracts a pretty young audience (a recent admin post says “It’s been made clear to me that for many of you guys, writing a Creepypasta is your first foray into non-school-mandated creative writing. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and distinctly not-creepy inside”), and it’s been the source of several memes, so it isn’t just some old folks (like MEEE) rambling about Weird Tales and Stephen King and whatnot. It’s nice to see people writing & reading short horror fiction. I like it.

Incidentally, if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, next weekend (October 13-14), as every year, I’ll be at the San Francisco Alternative Press Expo! Please come by to pick up a copy of my new adaptation of “The Cats of Ulthar”, tell me what you think of my stuff, and let me whisper (not necessarily in darkness) to you about my new upcoming Lovecraftian project! I’ll see you there!