The long-awaited page 14! Just a handful of pages to go.

I spent last weekend at the Alternative Press Expo in the pleasant company of my friends Shaenon K. Garrity, Andrew Farago, Adam Burns and others. I sold some comics. I met some cool people I knew on twitter. Shaenon and I talked about our Secret Project (about which more later. Like a couple of weeks later). Since it was my birthday, Shaenon and Andrew — with the devious behind-the-scenes plotting of my lovely wife, Jumana Al Hashal — threw me a surprise birthday party attended by EVEN MORE friends that I hadn’t seen in ages! Much gaiety and amusement was had by all! Thanks to Jumana for being incredibly awesome and to Shaenon And Andrew for being the world’s greatest hosts.

It’s raining now in Seattle, and I hope to steer you towards the end of “The Doom That Came to Sarnath” before Thanksgiving. Please wait for it! After it’s done, I’ll have more news to announce, Lovecraftian and otherwise.