Thanks for your patience — here at last is the next page of “The Doom That Came to Sarnath”! If you’re wondering why I took so long for a half-size page, the truth is it’s actually a double-size page: I just can’t do extremely wide horizontal images in this WordPress configuration. A bigger version of this image, where you can see everything (with some slight modifications for formatting), is up at The next page will go up next week on Tuesday as I return to a regular schedule!

In the meantime, another book featuring my work is out: The Legend of Bold Riley, Leia Weathington’s collection of fantasy tales of a dashing swordswoman in mythical lands. (Although the stories are very deeply fairytale-ish, with more than a dash of Rudyard Kipling’s India, Riley is bisexual, which is one reason the book is published by LGBT publisher Northwest Press.) This 232-page full-color anthology contains stories drawn by myself, Leia, the amazing Konstantin Pogorelov, Vanessa Gillings, and many other creators. My own 40-page story is colored by Vanessa Gillings — here are some photographs:

My section of this book took ages to draw and I’m very happy with how it turned out. I’ve acquired a few copies and I’m happy to sign my story, “The Serpent in the Belly,” so please check them out if you like! It’s a really impressive debut collection from this new author/comicker.