The map of zombies is 99% complete and the semi-final map is now online at! Check it out and behold it in all its tentacular glory. (I’d say “veiny glory,” but that sounds wrong for some reason.)

I say 99% complete… there’s still a few more items I want to add to the list here and there (Eric Frank Russell’s “Impulse” probably among them), and some color adjustment that needs to be done. As of the time that I write this on Wednesday night, there’s around 48 hours to go, and it looks very likely that the Kickstarter is going to cross $10,000, which means I’ll be doing a SECOND map categorizing monsters/creatures in an as-yet-undecided genre. Will there be a Map #2?!? What will it be of?!?! Stay tuned for the details!!

UPDATE: Also, I wrote an article about the best manga zombie stories for Anime News Network! Check it out! Of course, all the 10 listed titles are included on The Map. ;)