The Map of Zombies Kickstarter has reached over $17,000, and it’s still going. I’m stunned. I’m flabbergasted. I’m also incredibly thankful for all the many people who’ve backed the project, as well as the folks at io9, Popcorn Horror, ShortList, Laughing Squid, Co.Create and all the other sites that linked and reblogged it. THANK YOU!

What will the second map I’ll draw…? So far the suggestions in the Kickstarter comments have included Vampires, Dragons and “Humans” (I guess this is supposed to be a map individually describing all 7+ billion inhabitants of Earth… maybe Facebook?). I’m partial towards Robots and Aliens myself.

In short: wow. What an incredible start to the year. Thank you so much! And thanks to my wife Jay for directing the Kickstarter video, and to all the actors and makeup artists who participated! More map news soon!