Last Sunday my wife and I filmed a 5-minute zombie movie in Woodland Park in Seattle. I hadn’t filmed anything since college, unlike my wife who is a passionate filmmaker/videographer; she was the director of the piece. It’s not a great time of year to film outdoors in Seattle; the sun was only really up from about 8am to 3:30pm, and we were up at 6 and in the park at 8, camped out in a picnic shelter, starting a fire and prepping coffee for all the zombie actors who’d shortly be coming our way.

Unfortunately, due to various delays, we didn’t really get started filming till about 9, but Jay still managed to get lots of good footage of people running around the forest getting chased by various types of undead. My biggest props go out to the makeup artists, Beth Hammer and Margot Cannon, who produced 8 astounding and distinct types of zombie makeup in just a few hours… I *LOVE* makeup & costuming and it was awesome to see real experts at work. If I have one regret about the whole day, it’s that we didn’t use enough of the green zombies (yes, the zombies were color-coded)… I wanted to save them till the end of the video for a surprise but by the time we got to those scenes the light was fading and we didn’t get to shoot as much footage as we wanted. So, green zombies everywhere, I apologize! As for the film, hopefully I’ll be able to link to it in a few weeks.

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!