This is just a sketchy bit of art created as a potential “The Stiff” T-shirt, and yet… I like it a lot for some reason. It was originally modeled on a very small photograph from a book depicting Palden Lhamo, a protector goddess of the Tibetan Buddhist (probably originally Bön) religion. The statue/idol is, as it was in the original photo, decorated with strings of coins, jewelry and other offerings.

The Mangaka Kickstarter is at 56%! This coming weekend I’m going to be a guest at a local anime convention, KrakenCon in Oakland, from April 25-26. Please stop by and check it out! I’ll be in the exhibit hall at booth V27 (see the map here) and I’ll be doing two panels: “Manga Hell” at 8:30 PM on Saturday night (18 and older, folks!) and a live “Mangaka” game at 11:30 AM on Sunday!

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!