This image is a bit random. It was drawn years ago (hence the old art style) as a ‘dummy cover’ for an imaginary Japanese edition of “The Stiff,” part of an old cover story I made up that “The Stiff” was originally drawn by a Japanese manga artist. Of course even a glance at my artwork shows this obviously isn’t the case, but I thought (and still think) it was a fun conceit: I love hoaxes, and even more than that, I love metafictions, such as the idea that “The Stiff” was the US translated edition of a Japanese manga, being read through a layer of obfuscation, like the multiple layers of narrators in a 19th century ghost story. (“My friend found this old manuscript written by this man who claimed he knew someone who knew someone who saw…”) I also drew fake cover images for volumes 2 & 3.

In other news:
* In case I didn’t mention it before, Wizards of the Coast has reuploaded all of my chromatic dragon strips!
* I’m demoing Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics at The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco on April 19! The demo is from 1-4 pm and is free, so stop on by!
* And there’s tons more updates and more card artwork/explanations at the Mangaka Game Kickstarter. Please check them out, more are on the way and we’re at 48% of our funding goal….

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!