This drawing was drawn as B&W lineart by me and colored astoundingly by Stevie Wilson, another artist who drew comics for “Girlamatic” where The Stiff originally ran. It depicts a ‘black hat dancer’, a Tibetan ceremonial dancer. The additional details are my invention.

Most of my time lately has been taken up by the Mangaka card game kickstarter, but I *am* working on new drawings! (*cough* D&D *cough*…) Last weekend Jumana and I were in Seattle for Sakuracon, but we’ll be spending the next few weeks at home in San Francisco, with friends visiting and all kinds of stuff to catch up on. (I’ll also be a guest at KrakenCon, an Oakland anime convention on April 25-26 — more news later!)( If you like seeing what my art looks like when I don’t spend a lot of time on it, I’ve posted some new short (like, 20-30 minutes short) Mangaka comics at

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!