Here’s some Stiff fanart based on another one of my favorite manga, Video Girl Ai. Dan and Lucy seemed like the perfect characters to fill the roles.

The Mangaka Kickstarter is at 85% with just one more week to go! Ahhh, the tension!! I have to confess I didn’t realize how much time this Kickstarter would take; even more than my previous two Kickstarters, launching Mangaka has been an extremely time-consuming process, and that’s just in the promotion and not even talking about the remaining playtesting, card and component design, etc. Doing a tabletop game after doing books & comics is like moving from a 2D world to a 3D one, with all the additional complexity that entails. It’s been a rough process at times… but it’s also been a fascinating and rewarding one, and I love games, so I don’t think I’ll be leaving this game world anytime soon.

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!