Another child-safe zombie portrait for an exceptionally awesome “Map of Zombies” backer (she asked to appear in the background of all the portraits — can you recognize her?).

Things have been crazy in the Al Hashal/Thompson house, and as I’m typing this movers are disassembling the other room and everything is being boxed up and prepared for… OUR MOVE TO CALIFORNIA!!! Bidding a sad farewell to Seattle, the greenest, rainiest, most dramatic-looking and RPG-y-est city in America to my knowledge, we’re moving to the sere chapparal of the San Francisco Bay Area, its foggy streets, its endless suburbs, its wildfire-prone hills. I’ll miss everyone I met in Seattle, this lovely city in the cradle of the mountains, but we’ll be coming back for Emerald City Comic-Con and Sakuracon, so it’s not over yet! We’ll meet again, as they sing at the end of “Dr. Strangelove.”

Due to the move, I’m going to be updating the site for a week or three in advance. OH! And before I forget! I’m contributing a foldout map to issue #5 of Cartozia Tales, the all-ages shared-world fantasy comic series born from Kickstarter and shepherded into existence by Isaac Cates. Jen Vaughn, another artist, introduced me to Dr. Cates, and so I ended up drawing a map of the Caverns of Cartozia (or rather, a specific part of Cartozia). I think it turned out well, so please check it out!

I’ll write to you soon from San Francisco!!

NEXT UPDATE: Probably Thursday